Top Secret Tips For Treating Toenail Fungus

I wanted to share with you the the little known extra steps that you can try in addition to using ZetaClear or another Antifungal nail treatment to help you get the best result possible!

…Follow these little known steps when treating toenail fungus to achieve maximum results…


 1. Use an antibacterial soap!

You need to attack a fungal infection from all angles to achieve maximum results.anti-fungal soap

I really recommend you use an antibacterial soap to wash your feet with every day. Use a scrubbing brush or old toothbrush to scrub your toenails (don’t use this brush on any other nails or part of you! You definitely don’t want to spread the fungal infection!). Also pay attention to washing in between your toes.

An antibacterial soap, such as this would be ideal!

After washing your feet, dry them properly! That means rubbing the towel in-between your toes to dry them!

Don’t use the towel anywhere else! Put it on a really hot wash after you’ve used it to kill off any fungal spores that will have transferred to the towel.


2. File the nail!

The best file to use on thick fungal nails

This doesn’t mean just at the edge. No, I’m talking about roughing up the whole surface of your nail, before applying ZetaClear.

This way you help ZetaClear penetrate through the nail quicker, and more of the ingredients will come into contact with the fungus.

I really recommend you use a nail file like this one ==> Diamond Deb foot skin & nail file 8″ 20cm professional quality by Instruments GB

BUT! Make sure you DO NOT use that file on any other nail!! You DO NOT want to spread the fungal infection to other nails.


3. Treat the fungus in the skin!

Top Rated Anti-fungal Foot Spray!

If you notice white soggy and split skin in between your toes, you MUST treat the fungal infection!

Don’t treat already soggy skin with a cream, that will not help the skin to recover…

…Use an Anti-fungal powder spray to treat the infection and dry the skin ==> Daktarin Dual Action Spray Powder, 100g


4. Spray Your Shoes!

Dry your shoes out!

Fungus loves damp, warm environments; your shoes are the perfect environment for fungus to grow!

Make sure you dry out your shoes, rotating pairs so you don’t wear the same pair every day.

Go one step further and spray Scholl Fresh Step Shoe Spray in your shoes to help kill fungus remaining in the shoes